Our know-how!

The knowledge gained in the International organizations with complex management structure undoubtedly is the perfect base, allowing us to understand the principles of functioning of today's market for fleet services. Our experience enabled us to develop a wide range of professional consulting services - we provide substantive knowledge and practice on the fleet market. Extensive experience in matters of strategy, leasing, insurance, maintenance, effective negotiations, allows us to optimize the time needed to create offers tailored to your business needs and expectations of your company.


Success thanks to cooperation!

We work with leasing companies, Car Fleet Managements', importers, dealers, insurance brokers, insurance companies, fuel cards suppliers, body and paint repair chains, which also specialize in the repair of the SMART technology, mechanical ASO services and independent workshops, software vendors and telemetry solutions for fleets, driving schools, improving technology and other service providers fleet. We work with the best service at the fleet market!


Business flexibility!

We adjust to your needs. We do not impose schematic solutions - every time we create a dedicated offer for your company. Cooperation with clients we starts with knowing the needs and a review of the current structure and processes of the organization - a necessary step to take effective measures to optimize processes and costs of the organization. Necessary to developed our solutions fully meet the your expectations! We work quickly and discreetly, identifying the elements that need improvements.


Our complex support - Your Fleet free of unnecessary spendings.


Fleet made to measure and client's needs at the best possible level.


Supporting the processes thanks to what our client focuses only on running the company.

Use our services to...

To create long-term fleet management strategy.

This is an important step. Without proper planning your organization is exposed to unnecessary costs. We help to combine the requirements of organizations with a flexible fleet management so that the organization was always ready for any change.

To integrate fleet management more companies - consolidations

Fast and efficient connection into one organization is very important in many aspects, we help standardize procedures, processes, reduce management costs, consolidate contracts, standardizing the fleet.

To select the best way of possessing a fleet (purchase, leasing, rental, hybrid systems)

There are no golden means and therefore for each customer we choose solutions tailored to their needs and measure. We will conduct a detailed comparison of the pros and cons illustrating each of the solutions.

To effectively negotiate and renegotiate service contracts with suppliers of solutions for fleets

We have extensive experience, which gives us comfort during conversations, often know the limits of profitability of the other parties to the negotiations which makes it easier to achieve optimal results for each client, while maintaining a high quality of service.

To build tailored to the needs of fleet policy in accordance with the law

Created by us processes and documents fleet always comply with applicable laws and regulations, it is a key element in a possible dispute. We use records matched to safeguard the employers' interests.

To implement fleet management processes tailored to the needs of the company

Each organization is different and therefore we do not impose our clients the same standards, but we are building solutions tailored to their needs and measure - we are not afraid of challenges, we implement customer's requirements.

To effect the execution of the provisions of fleet policy

Fleet policy is a very important document, but without the proper approach and execution is only one study of the organization. Thanks to us all listed in the records procedures will have reflection in reality.

To implement fleet monitoring systems (Advanced GPS systems)

We specialize in the implementation of fleet monitoring. We work with both local and global service providers fleet monitoring. Based on telemetry data we build the systems and procedures in the organization. We operate efficiently and quickly.

To implement specialist Fleet Management Software

Systems provide the necessary knowledge about the management processes. Thanks to our experience you will be ensured that this specific software is used to the limits of its capabilities.

To implement an effective risk management system and the safety of your fleet

We specialize in the implementation of remedial programs, reducing the loss ratio of the fleet. For this purpose we use both systems of rewards and punishments through appropriate provisions in the organization's procedures, while maintaining a commitment to employees.

To build a motivational system for employees in order to achieve the desired effect

We build customer incentive systems with the online presentation of the results (web platform). We have experience in implementing such systems backed by customer satisfaction, awards and distinctions.

To lower the loss ratio by reducing the cost of accident repair.

Any communicational damage may be eliminated in several ways using original elements as well as alternative, traditional methods and SMART methods. We know what, where and how to fix and we share this knowledge.

We are at your disposal!

We provide implementing the best trusted market standards. We will help you to create Fleet Policy which is legitimate. We will advise which way of financing the fleet is going to be the most advantageous for you.

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