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We help in restructuring the fleet and administration departments due to optimize the processes and costs. We have necessary experience and knowledge in field of such services as: telecommunication, fleet management, risk management, creating documentations and procedures, telemetry systems managements and building the initiative systems. Your cost management will be checked by us to improve savings, so as tax deductions and legality. We will adjust your procedures and processes to the current law simultaneously business requirements.

Together with your company we will conduct negotiations in such way to achieve the best possible results.


Help and support

We will take your fleet under our wing and will adapt our services to your requirements. Your only task will be choosing the model and color of the car - we also can help you with this if you want us to. We will improve car policy in your organization, simultaneously we guarantee unification of the legitimate of the documents. We will advise the best way of possessing the fleet which is adjusted to your company. Additionally we will get through necessary calculations and analysis, showing you our recommendations.

Are you going to centralize or take control over depended company? Please contact us and use our support in it to save your money. We will guide you through the all necessary processes, also these hard ones. Market standards provided by us are extremely effective and safe.


Security management

You are struggling with high loss ratio in its fleet? We will help you limit it - we offer solutions that effectively improve your negotiating position in talks with insurers. We have experience in the implementation of remedial programs and building incentive systems. Together we will create innovative solutions - "made to measure" - for your organization. We know the telemetry solutions telemetry and can take full advantage of their capabilities.


Check us!

If you are not sure that what we propose will work in your organization, ask us about analysis - we will prepare for you the strategy supported by calculations in order to allow the assessment of the proposed solutions to those already existing. We cooperate with the largest providers of fleet, so we know where to look for field optimization - take advantage of our experience.


Disover our services

We are open to a meeting to present their services. We will prepare an estimate of the savings in specific areas which will allow to convince you to use our services. To answer your questions and dispel any doubts. We will present you our achievements in the examples of other implementations. We work with service providers fleet from all over the world so we can offer you the best possible solutions.

Review and improvement of management processes

We will review management processes, based on which we will propose changes in those places where they are needed, and their introduction will have a measurable economic and process effect in organization. We work quietly and rationally, limiting our presence to a minimum.

Implementation of programs to reduce the loss ratio

We have experience in building incentive programs for drivers of company cars based on the available resources. You do not have to equip vehicles with GPS monitoring system, in order to achieve the desired effect. We have experience in cooperation with centers of excellence driving and suppliers of educational platforms. We build awareness through systems of rewards and punishments - trust us, we know how to do it!

Management reports and cost

We take over the duties related to the reporting of costs and process in your organization. We make periodic and current analysis for the organization. Reporting systems adapt to your needs.

Fleet services and administration negotiations

We support companies in the negotiation of contracts and services. We have an extensive network of reliable contacts, so that we reach the best offers. We participate in the negotiations, among others, with car dealers, importers, leasing companies, telemetry systems suppliers, management systems suppliers and providers of telecommunications services.

Selection of a suitable fleet

We will help to optimize the costs based on TCO analysis - (Total Cost of Ownership - all cost of owning the car from the time of purchase until the sale) for different groups of vehicles. We will help to raise the residual value of purchased vehicles. Together we will adapt the fleet to the needs and business opportunities.

The choice of the method of fleet financing

We will help you to decide which way of financing vehicles will be the most profitable for your organization: purchase, operating leasing, financial leasing, or renting. We will prepare comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions and our recommendations.

Implementation of telemetry systems (GPS)

We have experience in implementing complex telemetry systems. We will help your organization to choose the best solution. Thanks to our telemetry system will be a tool that will bring your company measurable financial and oparational benefits. Our experience ensures that data received from the system will be reliable. Reliability of data will allow for further optimization of processes and costs, such as the enforcement of rules of fleet policy, optimizing routes, or further reduce the loss ratio.

We are at your disposal!

We provide implementing the best trusted market standards. We will help you to create Fleet Policy which is legitimate. We will advise which way of financing the fleet is going to be the most advantageous for you.

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